Carnival of Creativity: Digital Storytelling and Fabrication

Start with an idea, awaken it on the screen, and then bring it to life right in front of you. Digital storytelling meets fabrication in this 5-day camp, which taps into kids’ creativity across the entire STEAM spectrum.

From sports to entertainment, apprentices will start each day with a new theme and follow their imaginations through a series of activities. They’ll use digital art skills and coding to create characters and stories in Scratch Jr., a visual programming language that gives kids their first taste of coding. From there, they’ll bring these characters into the real-world using principles of fabrication.

Building mini games to designing graphics – it’s all about sparking ideas and using STEAM principles to tell stories. Come and find the exciting worlds that are waiting to be discovered in your imagination!

Skills: Storytelling, Coding, Digital Arts, Fabrication