Coding with Python

In this mission apprentices are going to start coding in Python. Python is a popular general-purpose programming language that can be used for all sorts of different applications from machine learning to task automation. Starting with the basics, apprentices will cover many important coding and programming concepts as well as the computational thinking skills needed to start making their own programs.

The Engineering Process

Ready, set, race! This engineering mission puts you in the driving seat as you ideate, prototype and build your own remote control car. You are going to need your electronics, engineering and problem-solving skills to get this one on the road. Let’s get building!

Arduino in Action: Build, Code, Move!

Start with your brainpower and finish with a bang! In this 5-day physical computing camp, apprentices combine coding with a series of other STEM activities to bring their programming skills into action!

It’s all about connecting the digital world and the real world. The goal? Create a motion-sensor machine that can launch an object, play a game or simply say “hello”. To get there, apprentices will learn to code an Arduino microcontroller, and connect it to a device they’ve built using electrical engineering and fabrication skills. Come and see how far your skills can go – literally!

Skills: Coding, Arduino, Electronics, Fabrication, Design & Planning

Carnival of Creativity: Digital Storytelling and Fabrication

Start with an idea, awaken it on the screen, and then bring it to life right in front of you. Digital storytelling meets fabrication in this 5-day camp, which taps into kids’ creativity across the entire STEAM spectrum.

From sports to entertainment, apprentices will start each day with a new theme and follow their imaginations through a series of activities. They’ll use digital art skills and coding to create characters and stories in Scratch Jr., a visual programming language that gives kids their first taste of coding. From there, they’ll bring these characters into the real-world using principles of fabrication.

Building mini games to designing graphics – it’s all about sparking ideas and using STEAM principles to tell stories. Come and find the exciting worlds that are waiting to be discovered in your imagination!

Skills: Storytelling, Coding, Digital Arts, Fabrication

Lightbulb Moment! Making a 3D Printed Lamp

It’s time for bright ideas! In this 5-day camp, Apprentices will work with key STEAM skills to create their own RGB lamp. Using a combination of coding, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and circuit-building, they’ll plan, design, and build a creation straight out of their imagination. During this camp, they’ll take their builds all the way from a pen-and-paper concept to a fully functional light feature, which they can proudly bring home at the end of the week. Let’s get building!

Skills: Coding, 3D Design & Printing, Electrical Circuits, Microcontrollers, Applied Design Process

STEAM Goes Medieval: Creating Castles & Catapults

Incoming! In this 5-day camp, Apprentices will become engineers as they work in teams to build the strongest catapult and tallest tower that they can. To conquer the challenge, they’ll learn about levers and mechanical advantage, building techniques and balance. As well as becoming masterful engineers, they’ll tap into their creative side and make colorful birds and mascots to launch from the catapult. On the last day, teams will face off to try and knock down their opponents’ towers before their tower is tumbled, too!

Skills: Building, Testing, Simple Structures, Levers, Mechanical Advantage, Applied Design Process, Team-work

Marble Run Madness: Design and Engineer

Loops! Jumps! Hair-pin bends! What’s the most exciting roller coaster you can imagine? Now come and build it. In this 5 day camp, apprentices join a team of like-minded engineers to dream up, design and construct a twisty downhill run. They’ll turn cardboard, paper, straws and other household materials into a roller coaster… for marbles!

Apprentices will learn every step of the design process as they research, prototype, test and assemble their marble run. By the end of the week they’ll have built a fascinating, gravity-defying structure, that combines creativity with their new engineering skills. Let’s get building!

Skills: Research, Construction, Math, Design, Analysis, Teamwork

The Art of Games: Plan, Make, Play

Art history meets game strategy in this 5 day camp. Oji Junior Apprentices (ages 5-7) will invent and build their own art-inspired mini-games, merging artistic skills with critical thinking to combine the gallery with the game world.

Every day is a creative bonanza where their imaginations set the scene and game design brings the structure, resulting in a collection of fun games that they’ve plotted and crafted themselves.

From pens and markers to sculpting and LED lights, Apprentices will use classic and contemporary design principles as a springboard for their own unique artwork. It’s a place where math and art meet up to make magic. So – who’s ready to play?!

Skills: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Conceptualizing, Critical Thinking, Algorithm Design, Math

Mastering Simple Machines

Pistons, camshafts, interlocking levers and a treadwheel: do any sound familiar? We’re sure you’ll recognize more than you think as we step up our engineering processes and master all sorts of simple machines. Let’s get building!

Advancing With Simple Machines

This one’s all about games! From bird-launching to foosball, you’ll get to design and build an arcade full of personalized games using all of the engineering skills you have developed, and a few new ones. Let’s get building!