Coding Games

Learn the basics of block coding with the Scratch programming tool. Combine coding and graphic design to create a simple video game that can keep score, has a winning and losing condition, and uses sprites (digital images). Learn about User Interface design as well as how we can control a game using hardware such as a keyboard or mouse.

Advancing With Vex Robotics

In this Mission, you’ll be using the VexGO Robotics kit and taking your coding to the next level. Your building skills will enter a new world as you create jumpers, walkers and crawlers and bring them to life using loops, IF statements and variables in your code. Oh, and did we mention… you’ll build a robotic arm!

Special Effects

In this Mission apprentices will take their drawing and animation skills to the next level by learning how to make special effects. This Mission uses Scratch to combine sound design, animation and coding. Apprentices will use special effects such as fireworks, water fountains and the Northern Lights to create exciting scenes and stories.

Intro to Computing (Vex Robotics)

Physical Computing is about much more than learning to code. In this Mission, apprentices will start their Physical Computing journey by creating code that controls a vehicle they’ve built and tested themselves. As well as learning key coding concepts, they will work on building and problem solving skills. Oh, and did we mention… We’re also sending an astronaut to the moon!

Exploring Simple Machines I

Many of the complex devices that we rely on each day are made from many smaller, simple machines working together. In this mission, apprentices will become familiar with the basics of levers, pulleys, cranks, winches, mechanical advantage, and the use of forces to accomplish helpful tasks.

Graphic Design

Get ready to dive into the world of digital art! In this Mission, apprentices will explore areas such as special effects, animation, drawing and graphics for games. Taking inspiration from artists such as Mondrian, Van Gogh and Pollock, apprentices will learn about artistic ideas and digital tools and use them to create their own exciting digital art.