Mission Intros

Build to Solve Intro

Our Lead Instructional Designer, Jesse Brydle, introducing our foundational mission #1.

Steamoji’s “Build to Solve” program compliments and enriches your child’s school studies by exposing them to new technologies in fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts. With these foundational skills, students are then challenged with problems and encouraged to imagine, create and improve their own solutions.

This mission is available virtually over Zoom or at any local Steamoji academy.

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Let’s get building!

April 15 is Steamoji Day!

A few years ago I travelled to Florence with my wife and had the opportunity to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. The breadth of Da Vinci’s ‘maker’ skills was striking.

At Steamoji, our mission is to teach children ‘hard’ maker skills around fabrication, physical computing, engineering, digital arts and coding as well as ‘soft’ Steamoji skills to develop a maker, build-to-solve, mindset. Part of that mission is to celebrate makers of all ages, of all skill levels and across all times. With that in mind, we have designed 4 ‘house teams’ across our 10 different achievement levels and given them names inspired by great makers of the past century: Thomas Edison, Grace Hopper, Steve Jobs, and Nikolai Tesla. Additionally, we wanted to choose one day out of the year where all our academies could come together and celebrate the maker mindset. It seemed appropriate to use today, Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday – April 15th.

So, Happy Steamoji Day!